Saturday, November 15, 2014

Deer Season Update

My brothers like busting my chops.

They told me that their friend had sent them this picture of a monster deer that had been hit in Eaton a woman driving a minivan.

I am afraid to ask Mrs ERJ if this is the deer she hit.  I prefer to think that my brothers are messing with me.

From three blinds our party took two bucks and a doe.  One buck had been an eight point but had broken off a tine.  The other buck was a four point.

Temperatures were in the mid-20s (F) with winds out of the southwest at 6 MPH, gusts to 12.

I am proud of my youngest brother.  He passed on the eight point so one of the nephews, who has never shot a buck, could have a crack at it.

I have a wonderful family.

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