Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cleaning Eves

Mrs ERJ and I went back to my parents and finished cleaning out the eves.

My dad insisted that I have a person on the bottom of the ladder due to the working height.  A few years ago he was fishing slush out of eves in this very spot when the feet of the ladder slid away from the house. 

Fortunately he was working on the first story eve troughs when this happened.  He landed on top of a picnic table that was heaped with snow.  The legs of the ladder were bent.  He healed up.

I know better than to argue with my dad.  I brought along my beautiful and able assistant, Mrs ERJ.

Knowing that she would have little hope of stopping the ladder if I actually did get into trouble, I went the belt-and-suspenders route.

Three-eights poly rope, snugged up with taut line hitches (handiest knot in the Boy Scout Handbook).  One end lashed to a stout Honey Locust tree.  The other end to the railing on the ramp.  The rope was double wrapped around each leg of the ladder about five feet up to ensure it would not slide.

Retired guys have an advantage when working on a ladder.  You can work fast.  Or you can work safely.  Some people can do both.   Many others think that can do both but then find out that they were not as safe as they thought.  I was in no hurry.  I was safe.

Gratuitous pictures

Some pretty solid looking sidewalk, here.
1937 was a pretty good year.

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  1. There is NO excuse at our age NOT to work smart... Just sayin...