Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reloading Winchester 270

Several of my nephews are gun loonies.  Two of them just bought firearms in 270 Winchester with the intention of vaporizing some of the local coyotes.

I gave my best sales pitch for keeping things simple.  Any good, all round big game bullet will kill coyotes just fine.  But they already drank a different color of koolaid.  They don't want to kill coyotes.  They want to vaporize them.

So, I went to Power Valley and ordered 100, 110 gr V-Max and 100 once-fired brass.  I will spot them the price of the primers and powder.  My meager stash of IMR 4895 is about to take another hit.

I really don't know if they will ever shoot a coyote but I suspect that many milk jugs will die violent deaths in the near future.  I will not be surprised if they use Black Cherry koolaid to get that special, red-mist effect.  I will post a video if I get one.

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