Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Do not bear false witness...

With a decision in Ferguson, Missouri regarding the possible non-indictment of Officer Darren Wilson imminent, I asked Belladonna her thoughts.  As one of the few "people-of-color" in Eaton Rapids High School there is a chance Bella will be tapped as some kind of spokesperson.  It was a sneaky way to try to coach her.

I did not need to worry.

Her response was, "I don't have enough evidence to have an informed opinion.  I have to trust the members of the Grand Jury who have seen all of the evidence.  It is not my place to talk 'crap' when I just don't know."

"Thou shall not bear false witness." is one of the Ten Commandments.  Whether one believes the Ten Commandments were delivered directly from God or not, one must accept that these rules passed a very severe test.  The Jewish nation wandered around in the desert for forty years.  That is the equivalent of being trapped on an elevator for a very, very long time.  Small infractions of courtesy amplify under those conditions.  There is no escape.  It is a rigorous test of any rule-set.

Talking 'crap' or making up facts to buttress one's emotional proclivities definitely qualifies as "...bearing false witness."

I am proud of Belladonna.  She has her head screwed on straight.

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