Monday, November 3, 2014

Food Banks

As noted early, I ran out of space to store potatoes.  Mrs ERJ put her foot down.  No more potatoes.

I contacted a local food bank and made arrangements to have folks come over and dig potatoes.

An adult and six, seventh graders showed up.  The kids got right on it.  Their digging technique needs more repetitions but I cannot fault them for energy and good attitude.  They chattered like magpies the whole time dirt was flying.  The group included five boys and one girl.  They appeared to all be completely at ease with each other.

They took pictures for their own, in-house publications.  In keeping with my own privacy policy I elected to take no pictures.

They hit it hard for a good hour and a half.  They dug between one hundred and one hundred-twenty pounds of potatoes.

They wore an eclectic collection of sweatshirts.  They showed allegiance to Purdue, U-of-Michigan, Wisconsin, National Guard, Illinois and something I don't remember.  Based on the the work ethic they demonstrated I suspect they will be successful wherever they go.

In keeping with Deut 25:4 (Do not muzzle the ox while it treads (threshes) the grain) I provided them with an ample supply of Mountain Dew with real sugar and caffeine.  Their mothers may curse me.

The adult leader is a saint.  He professed a liking for pears.  He will come over tomorrow to pick up the potatoes as he had no room in the van filled with kids.  I will try to send him home with a pear tree or two.  I have a few in the nursery row that were grafted by some Americorp volunteers last spring.  I cannot think of a better place for them to go.

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