Friday, November 14, 2014

Deer Season starts Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of Michigan's firearm deer season.  There is a VERY good chance I will not post tomorrow.

Instead, I will be catching up on advances in radiology, extrication, haz-mat, storm drains, nuclear medicine, lawn care, audiology, as well as personally researching how much breakfast one can eat and remain mobile.

Spending the night at camp

This will be the first time I have spent the night at "camp" in decades.  The Cavalier is down due to suspected timing chain issue.  Mrs ERJ hit a deer and it is in the shop with +$4000 damage.  So we are down to one vehicle.

Belladonna has to work tomorrow.  Mrs ERJ will drive me out to camp and drop me off.

Shooting stuff

This is what is going into the woods with me.  That is the makings for six shots.
It is important to label items when repackaged into pill bottles.  For instance, loose Triple Seven propellant looks remarkably similar to instant coffee.  One makes the bullet go.  The other makes the hunter go.  It is not wise to mix them up.

An educational video

I learned about this while sharing a deer blind with one of my brothers.

The Columbus fire department lost a firefighter a few years ago.  He had fallen through the floor and was unresponsive.  His team had to evacuate before they could figure out a way to McGuiver a way to save him.  He died.

The Columbus Drill evolved from that problem.  Five guys, two lengths of rope.  This is how it is done.

A common industrial health issue is back strain due to lifting from an awkward position or lifting too much weight.  This is particularly common among skilled trades when they try to pull heavy components out of a tool, items like transformers, hydraulic cylinders and so on.

It does not take too much imagination to see how four beefy millwrights with two lengths of black iron pipe and some sling-strap could easily conjure up a sky hook that could pop a 300 pound part out of a mole-hole.

Same deal for dragging a deer out of the woods.  Two guys, some rope and a shovel handle.

For all of you who will be hunting this weekend, be safe.  For the rest of you...I will try to remember the new jokes I hear.

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