Friday, August 1, 2014

Belladonna got a JOB!

Belladonna found a job.  She applied and was accepted.  Today was her first day of work.

She is working for a small, regional restaurant chain.  She thought she was going to be a "take-out specialist' and has been memorizing the menu.

She went in today and they had her doing several things.  I think it is a small shop and they cross train for flexibility.

We were expecting her back at 4:00PM and she was back by 2:30.  Kubota, always the empathetic and compassionate younger brother, asked if she had gotten fired. Business slowed a little sooner than expected so they let her out early.

She just wanted a shower, the recliner and a cold (root)beer.  I taught her well.


  1. ROTF... Kids... and sniping at each other...

  2. I must confess that was the first question in my mind but I have enough scar tissue to know when to keep my mouth shut. Well, I know enough to keep it shut most of the time.


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