Monday, August 25, 2014

Scrambled Pancakes (and other delicacies)

I don't list very many blogs on my right sidebar.  I prefer presenting a limited number of quality offerings that span my range of interests.

One of the blogs I list is Home On The Range (aka, mausersandmuffins).  Brigid is a gifted and imaginative cook.  I admire that.

The cooking around the ERJ ranch tends to be a little more basic, although at times it is no less imaginative.

Kubota and his friend were whipping up brunch.  I was grinning like an idiot because it reminded me of those days in the prime of my life....camping with the Boy Scouts.

The menus were vast:

  • Scrambled pancakes
  • Pancakes poached in bacon grease
  • Pancakes tatare
  • Pancakes carbonara
  • Pancake slurpies
  • Pancake lumps
  • Pancakes: Baked Alaska
  • Pancakes with poison berry sprinkles
  • High fiber Pancakes
  • Pancakes with twigs and pine needles
  • Pancake soup 
  • Pancakes al dente
  • Silica augmented Pancakes
And that was just one course.

A few of the lessons Kubota and his friend learned today were

  • Don't drop water into the bacon grease 
  • You cannot flip a pancake until it is at least partially cooked
  • Don't drop pancake batter onto the floor
  • Don't drop eggs anywhere
  • Don't use the liquid from the milk jugs sitting in the recycle area
  • You don't have enough syrup if you start with more pancake batter than pancake syrup
  • Poached pancakes cannot absorb as much syrup as scrambled pancakes
  • You cannot cook pancakes faster by turning up the heat....unless you favor Pancakes: Baked Alaska

Successes are claimed by a thousand fathers.  But we 100% own our failures.  That is why we learn more from our failures than from our successes.

The old Boy Scout motto:  Be Prepared (pack a Girl Scout).

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