Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Proud of my Oldest Daughter

My oldest daughter, the one who is moving to Miami made me proud.

She had flown back to Baton Rouge to sell her larger belongings, pack up her clothes and smaller items and drive them back to Miami.

She had things all lined up.  She had a minivan rented.  She told them in advance that she was twenty-four.  They had one vehicle they would rent her.

She went to pick it up yesterday and manager told her, "Oh, we cannot rent that to you. You are not twenty-five."  It was a different manager than the one my daughter had talked to earlier.  Screwed!

She called Mrs ERJ and they bounced a few ideas back and forth.  My daughter had a Plan A, B, C and D by they time they hung up.

Plan D was to pay about a cubic yard of $20 bills and rent a U-haul as an under-25.

Plan C was to fly Mrs ERJ down from Eaton Rapids to Baton Rouge and fly her out of Miami.

Plan B was to fly an older fellow minister out from Miami and have them both drive back...about 900 miles.

Plan A was to pray.  And to call the Pastor and ask if he could sprinkle a little prayer dust, charm and a Mastercard number on the rental car company. 

Plan A worked.

I am proud that she was straight up and did not try to be sneaky.  Character Equity cannot be measured, but it an be demonstrated.  And it was.

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