Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lansing Jazz Fest

We went to the Lansing Jazz Fest last night.

The Jazz Fest is held in Lansing's Old Town, a hive of small boutique type businesses.  They close off Washington Avenue, set up a food court/vendor area at the South end.  They have two stages set up about 200 yards apart.  The area immediately between the two stages is fenced off and liquid goods are sold within.

We swung by and picked up Pelé because he likes music and it has been a while since we saw him.

The evening unfolded in ways I did not expect.

Kubota was a man with a mission.  He bee-lined from  boutique-to-boutique.  I still don't know what he was looking for.  Pelé was chatting up a storm, mostly focusing on Mrs ERJ.  I was trying to listen to the music, keep up with Kubota and was scanning the crowd for people I know.  I was not very successful at any of those tasks.

I did get a few pictures.

Example of a booth in the vender/food area

Same booth, other end.

Some work was more detailed than other work.

The MICA gallery was highlighting an artist named Saleef.  He recently suffered a stroke and they were trying to move his work to help him cover some medical bills.

Another Saleef.  Both photos taken with permission by the gallery.
Lansing Old Town even has a pet store, Pruiss Pets.  I had no clue that there is a big market for poison frogs.  Each lucite box holds specimens of different species.  I bet they make the lives of forensic specialists interesting.
Men fishing on the river while jazz plays.  Lansing was sited in the mid-1830s based on the availability of water power and because of the confluence of the Red Cedar River and the Grand River made it a transportation hub.
Turtles chillin' on a log.

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun... Good jazz is getting harder and harder to find...


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