Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mrs ERJ is Back!

Yesterday was a banner day for the ERJ household.

Mrs ERJ is back from down south where she was helping a college friend pack up to move.  Everybody is glad to see her.  Even the dogs perked up.

Lessons  from Craigslist

I also sold the ride-on mower yesterday.  The plan was to have Kubota use it to earn an equity stake.  He was to drum up business and mow grass.  He was to use the proceeds of that business to buy a 51% stake in the mower.  Unfortunately Kubota was far more interested in playing video games than in working.

I was able to recover my investment in the mower and that significantly improved my liquidity. 

The lesson I learned from Craigslist is that it is mandatory to have accommodations for texting.  I was surprised at the number of people who sent an email telling me to text them.  I do not have a text-capable phone.  I sent them a return email and never heard back from them.  Something on the order of 80%  of the responders wanted me to engage in texting them.

I suspect a large number of the people are at work and texting can be done secretly.

The next time I need to sell something large I will include a number where I can be reached by texting.  It does not pay to fight the market.


  1. Well, that is not good... He needs to 'learn' that money isn't free...

  2. Is that lesson still allowed in Amerika?

    The mower had to go. I needed the money. He could not produce it. Also, I had to get it gone so he would not have the convenience of his own, personal azz-hauler without having made some kind of sweat contribution.

    People learn to run to catch the bus when the bus does not wait for them. Opportunity is a fleeting thing.

    He learned something from the venture. Not quite the lesson I wanted him to learn...but it was something.


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