Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bachelor Middens

Is pizza sauce a vegetable?

Mrs ERJ is still down south helping her friend pack.

I changed the lock on the front door.  It is not as ominous as it sounds.  The deadbolt had some internal problems.  I bought a new deadbolt at Menards and shuffled the lock sets around.  That is, I put the new deadbolt on a door we do not use and moved the older, exterior door deadbolt around front so it would still open with the same key.  Yeah, I know I can have them re-keyed but the exterior door I took the deadbolt from goes into our master bedroom and keys proliferate.  I want a unique key for that door.


Kubota and I took a drive yesterday.  I was scouting for Ground Nuts and Hog Peanuts.  We were driving down a stretch of Pinch Highway just west of Otto Road.  Kubota said, "This place is creepy.  What are we doing here?"

I told him, "I am scouting out places to dispose of bodies."

He did NOT think that was funny

I bet that stretch of river is filled with deer skeletons.  Probably 95% of them taken out-of-season.  The catfishing potential is enormous.  But is eating catfish considered cannibalism if...well, you know...if not all of the skeletons are deer?


Kubota exhibits the symptoms of rapid onset Vitiligo.  Vitiligo is the loss of skin pigment and occurs in blotches.

I am not worried.  Kubota is "redecorating" his room.  He has been doing the drywall work and now he is painting with white primer. 

He had a friend over and, boys being boys, decided to have a paint roller fight.  They both lost.

I think he is learning a lot and having a blast too boot.  He will be very proud of his room (regardless of the workmanship, in absolute terms) because he will have ownership in it. 

He was a driven man when we were looking at color chips.  I was a little bit mystified in his choice of colors.  But he pulled up a picture of the athletic shoe that was his inspiration on his smart phone.  Why not.  It cannot be any weirder than what interior designers come up with.


  1. LOL, so what happens when the new shoe colors come out??? Another painting frenzy?

  2. You bet! A gallon of inexpensive paint is $20 at the time of this writing. A quart of accent color is $12.

    Top-end Nike basketball shoes in Kubota's size run $200-to-$500

    Paint is cheap...Except when worn by women in low-light environments where liquor is served.


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