Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dorian Gray

The weather has been absolutely fabulous for getting work done this week.

Mrs ERJ and Kubota are watching DVDs of a Canadian soap opera called Heartland.  It has been a marathon session, which is mostly good for me getting things done outside.  Mrs ERJ stoutly affirms that Heartland is NOT a soap opera.  In her mind, soap operas are "trashy".  Heartland is not trashy but it has all of the twists and turns that one might expect of a half dozen, mutually orbiting, heavenly bodies. 

My latest project is to tear down a building that was damaged in a storm about 12 years ago.  One of my friends wanted the weathered, exterior wood to cover the OSB on his chicken coop.  Another friend agreed to haul off the salvage lumber.  He wants to put a gambrel roof on his garage and intends to build his own trusses.  One of the beautiful things about trusses is that they can put short lengths of wood to good use.

So, I have been working my behind off but don't have much to write about.


I went to a meeting to prepare for Sunday School.  I am not teaching....but I have a kid "graduating" to the high school program.

I watched the woman who is running the program grow up from when she was no bigger than knee-high to a grasshopper.  Her family sat in the pew in front of us.

She was a dead ringer for Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet.

She is still a very fine looking lady....and she has gray hair.

Man, that is wrong, just plain wrong.  How is it that all of these other people are aging except for me and Mrs ERJ?  Guess I will be looking in the attic to see if there a couple of pictures that are aging.

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