Sunday, August 10, 2014

Waste recycling the old fashioned way

The Captain picked up a few animals since we last talked.

As you can see, they are on pasture and they are recycling kitchen waste.
The Captain also appears to be experimenting in feeding his cattle other types of waste.

If you look closely, you will see the cow's horn poking through the side of the waste paper basket about 3 inches from the rim.
I removed the basket immediately after snapping this picture.

One of the things that I learned as a deer hunter is that human's have a distinctive foot-fall.  We make a prolonged "crunch" as we walk due to our heal-strike and foot roll.  Hooved animals make a short, "thud" with each hoof strike.  The cadence of hoof strikes of a feeding animal is usually random while walking humans is as regular as a metronome.

I did my best walking imitation of a feeding heifer.  That, and the fact that she would not see made it a snap to walk upon her and pop the basket off.


  1. Heh. I once had a pasture with peach trees. We'd go out to pick peaches and the bull would come along and "hoover" a five-gallon bucket of peaches in a minute. Luckily, he was polled, so had no horns to get hung up on the bucket.

  2. Glad the heifer didn't 'react' to your presence!

  3. Cattle do dumb things. Mostly I was keeping an eye on the bull, a Polled Shorthorn.

    One of the eeriest sounds I ever heard was of a 1200 pound steer trying to breath through one of those flimsy plastic grocery bags. He somehow got his nose into it. He generated enough vacuum to make it moan and whistle. He was not getting very much oxygen and I doubt he would have been standing much longer. I had no problem walking up to him and peeling it off of his face.


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