Friday, August 22, 2014

Yes, I am a Homophobe

I am a homophobe in the purest sense of the word.

Homo sapiens = Humans

Phobe = fear

I have locks on my doors and I use them.  I have pepper spray.  I have other defenses that I choose not to advertise.

I have seen what humans are capable of doing and I "fear" them.

But life goes on. I do what adults do.  I make prudent preparations.  I review my preparations on a periodic basis to evaluate rust, rot and other forces of entropy.  I also review recent calamities to see if humans have found any new ways of taking and destroying.

In the narrower sense of the word

A gay activist would consider me a homophobe because I consider being "gay" to be a choice and not a matter of genetic predestination.    If homosexuality is determined by genetics, then the existence of one gay identical twin demands that the other twin also be gay. I reviewed the identical twin studies out of the US and Australia which looked at many, many thousands of sets of identical twins. Depending on the study, the observed rate of the "other" twin's sexual orientation floats around between 5% and 15% same-sex oriented...not 100% as demanded by the Genetic Predetermination creed.

The Genetic Predetermination theory is critical to efforts to prosecute discrimination.  The thinking is that a person should not suffer discrimination (diminished opportunities) based on factors they have no control over.

But the " control" theory fails  even modest testing.  The NBA discriminates against Kalahari Bushmen since they are underrepresented as players.  The NFL  discriminates against women.  The upper echelon of Google, Microsoft and Apple discriminate against people with IQs below 80.  The flight crew of Air Force One discriminate against people who were born blind.  The list is endless.

My take on gay people is that they chose not to conform to the norms of society.  While their internal narrative may convince them that it was predetermined, the science does not support that contention.  Their choices do not entitle them for special protections.  In fact, their choices are markers, for good or ill, that they reject conforming.  Synonyms for "reject conforming" include: Proud, rebellious, stubborn, intractable, arrogant, individualistic.  Not always traits desired in employees or life partners.

The fact that gay extremists are extremely vocal is not a solid reason to trash the norms of society or to casually discard historical taboos.


  1. The (insert group here) activists can yell and scream all they want. But when they start impacting my country and my ability to live MY life as I choose, I then have a major problem with them... As you said, non-conformance does not guarantee my acceptance of their (insert group here) attitudes or anything else...

  2. My opinion is that being gay is something you are born with. Not genetic. I look at it as a normal curve distribution. Most men are not effemine, and nor are they heavily testosterone laiden bruts. But there there are men on both outskirts (no pun intended). As there are women are ultra frilly and some that can wrestle an alligator - and want to.
    I don't think anyone chooses to be gay any more than white cops set out to shoot unarmed young black men in front of witnesses.
    But being gay is not the norm - and for gay activists to insist that everyone deal with it, accept it out in the open, and for that matter 'celebrate' it, is where the problem comes in.
    If you gay - fine. But don't hold parades, don't wear drag in public and keep the make out sessions behind closed doors. Gays do not have the right to impose their will that everyone accept it as normal.


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