Monday, August 18, 2014

Helping Friends Move

Mrs ERJ and Belladonna are visiting a college campus today.  It is pretty much a formality.  Belladonna seems to have her mind made up.

Tomorrow, Mrs ERJ will drive down south to help a friend pack up to move.

The difference between truth and fiction

The difference between truth and fiction is that fiction must be believable.

Mrs ERJ met her friend when they found out the same guy was dating both of them.  The went for a walk to sort things out.  They both decided the guy was scum and so they both dumped him.  (Note to readers:  It was not me.)  They have been friends ever since.

Her friend married a very hairy, and very mellow fellow.  They had a couple of kids.  Then her husband decided he needed "to explore".  He left her for an eighteen year old.  Then, he came to the realization that he had been born in the wrong body.  He/she is now an extremely hirsute female in her early sixties.

That is kind of thing gives a girl's self esteem a real beating.

After almost a decade of putting her life back together, she found a widower in Ohio.  She married him.  He had some baggage.  His kids were....well.....difficult.  But she also had kids and they made it work.

The kids behaviors really went south when her husband was diagnosed with cancer (the same disease that killed their mother).  He died about three years later.  Mrs ERJ's friend kept the ragtag band together and moving forward.  It was like herding dust-bunnies with a blowdrier, except dust-bunnies are rarely disrespectful.

She got the last kid married off.  She retired last week.  Now she is moving back to Michigan to look after her aging mother.

Mrs ERJ will be down there from Tuesday until Friday.  Back here we will eat too many pancakes and too much bacon and sausage.  I will force the kids to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark and Young Frankenstein as punishment for all the times I had to listen to Fast and Furious and Need for Speed.  I anticipate I will be making more than the usual number of long runs to clear my head.

I do not begrudge Mrs ERJ helping her long time friend.  Mrs ERJ's friend has had a tough time of it and deserves the consideration.

It will be nice to have her back in Michigan.

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