Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flooding in Detroit

Three inches of rain yesterday.  Three more inches today.  Photo from HERE

I used to work in Warren, a suburb just north of Detroit.  My job had me driving there three days a week for about ten years.  That included driving down I-696 where significant portions of the roadway are subgrade.  There is a ten mile stretch where tanker trucks carrying flammable or toxic liquids are prohibited due to the lack of egress.

I am very glad that I am no longer long distance commuting to work any more.

I wonder if the Detroit bankruptcy proceedings exacerbated the lack of maintenance on the drainage culverts that pass though Detroit City proper.  One news report suggested that the pumping stations may have shorted out and responders were refusing to enter the water until all circuits were killed. 

Most people thought I was nuts to not move to Detroit.  I am at peace with my decision.  My house was paid for by 2008 and that gives one much financial flexibility...like being able to retire.

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