Thursday, July 31, 2014

Faggots: G-Rated, really.

Old NFO posted the following comments under "Burning Brush"

Yep, that's called paying it forward... And you really have to get those faggots tight! The biggest problem I had was a binding that lasted more than a minute before burning through...

I must preface the following comments by acknowledging that I have not actually tried them.

I have been informed by a reliable source that 14 gauge, steel wire does not burn and can be reused.  14 gauge wire is commonly used for temporary electric fences.

The American Boy's Handy Book discusses how to make "hen-coop rustic traps".  At the bottom of the page it discusses how to make "withes".  Picture in your head one of the long, green hanging boughs of a weeping-willow, twisted to make it fibrous and "grippy".  A key point is that the withe is tightened by forcing more sticks beneath them.  I believe the same technique can be applied to faggots.  Weeping willow was specified because it is an extreme example of long, slender, unbranched whips.  Other species can be pressed into service.

Picture from HERE

Another thought is to use a faggot as a "Swedish Candle".  The most common directions for making a Swedish Candle involve taking a two or three foot long log and making three or four cuts about two-thirds the way down the length of the log with a chainsaw. 

Chainsaws are not stealthy and awkward to carry.  Hand loppers are another story.  The flames go up and don't stress the bindings until later in the event.  It would be prudent to make the Swedish Candle assembled from small wood shorter than the log version for reasons of stability.  It might also be smart to bind a three or more lengths of rebar in the faggot to provide stability as the candle burns.

One of the reasons for the high efficiency of Rocket Stoves is that they duct the fire's heat around the cook pot.  Picture from HERE

A third option, one that can be combined with the Swedish Candle, is to use a steel can.  The picture in my head is to wedge the top of the Swedish Candle into the can.  The can not only holds the top together but ducts the heat around the pot and helps pull a draft.

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  1. Huh, I wasn't using a heavy enough gauge wire... Dang...


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