Sunday, July 6, 2014

Potato Salad

Sweet onions, green peppers, celery, mayo, cider vinegar, a bit of sugar and chipotle pepper.

And potatoes.

You want "waxy" potatoes for potato salad.  I went with Yukon Gold but any of the red skinned varieties also make good potato salad.  Some of the round white make good potato salad.  Surprisingly, even some russet varieties like Norkota make good potato salad.

Classic baking potatoes like Russet Burbank are very dry and starchy.  They tend to absorb the dressing and then explode.

Most "British" potatoes like Roger Maris and Kerr also tend to cook up dry.  In general, I side with the Brits on this one.  What is the point of growing, digging, storing and cooking WATER?  That is the difference between the "dry" potatoes and the "waxy" potatoes.

I cooked the potatoes in the microwave because I did not want to heat up the house.  I peeled and halved them.  It was difficult to cook them to the same degree.  Some were still firm while others wanted to collapse when cut. 

I cooled them on the cutting board before cutting them and adding them to the salad because I don't want to heat up the refrigerator.  They skinned over when cooling.  It was not much of a problem with a sharp knife.

I am sampling some now.  I should have either chosen sweeter onions or sliced them much thinner.  Lasagna, potato salad and gazpacho all have the happy characteristic of getting better as the ingredients mellow and the flavors diffuse.  The potato salad is OK now and will be even better tomorrow.

One bonus of using the Yukon Gold potatoes is that it looks like I have a dozen hard boiled eggs in the salad.  Taste is a sensory thing.  Our vision fools our taste buds.  I think I can taste those eggs.

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  1. Potato salad is very fine in all its variety. Down South there are as many varieties of potato salad as the people that make it. Mashed potato salad, chunk potato salad, mustard potato salad, and every variety in between.

    Have I mentioned Ouida potatoes? If not, you should try them.