Saturday, July 5, 2014

Peach-cherry Cobbler (hat tip to Pawpaw)

Recipe from Pawpaw's blog.

Before going into the oven.  I did not have enough cherry pie filling so I stretched it with some canned peaches.  I also lacked cake mix so I ad libbed with a basic oatmeal cookie dough.
On a plate


  1. Well, there ya' go. You used my recipe, but changed everything, which is the nature of good recipes, ie, Making Them Your Own.

    I never thought about using oatmeal. Great idea! How did it turn out?

  2. It is good but not great. A cobbler is only as good as the fruit.

    The oatmeal cookie can carry a lot of fruit and tartness. Next time I will punch up the fruit with some lemon juice or rhubarb. I may even add some almond extract.

    I will also cook it a little bit longer to brown the top.

    It is still your recipe. I just bent the corners on it because of ingredient availability. It is certainly good enough to eat.

    Thanks for the comments.