Friday, July 18, 2014

Bacon Scouts

One of my Facebook friends sent a link to this Bacon Store in Muskegon, Michigan.

Did someone say bacon? Muskegon-area butcher's ranked among nation's best

EGELSTON TOWNSHIP, MI -- Bacon or sausage? It's that old breakfast conundrum that John Drummond just may have found an answer for.
Michigan's bacon king has invented bacon sausage, which is just one of his wildly popular specialties.
"I can't keep it in my case," said Drummond, owner of John Drummond's Butcher Shop in Egelston Township. "It's like having bacon and sausage at the same time."

It is a well known, true-fact (as opposed to the false-facts bandied about by those who disagree with me) that putting the word "Bacon" in the title of a post automatically doubles the hit count.  I intend to test that fact.

Bacon Scouts, whose mission is to find the best bacon in the country, has ranked Drummond 11th in the nation -- the only Michigan butcher shop in the list of the country's top 13 bacon producers.
Five each are from Wisconsin and Minnesota, while Iowa and South Dakota each have one producer on the list.
He sells the bacon and the sizzle.

He may be a good butcher, but he's also a smart business man. He brings a frying pan with him to the new Muskegon Farmer's Market, where the smell of cooking bacon is hard to resist.

Top 13 bacon ratings found HERE.

BACON: Even the little guy can invest in pork bellies.

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