Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I doubt that Hillary Rodham-Clinton reads my blog.  If you do, please read this as a clinical assessment.  It is not written with the intention of causing pain.

Hillary's fatal flaw

Hillary is not a likable person.

She played a role in Clinton, Inc.  She acted the edgy, calculating, hard-ass, liberated woman.  Hillary was the "bad cop" in the good cop-bad cop charade.

By all accounts, Bill Clinton radiates warmth, charm and charisma. People respond to that.  Those in the room with Bill receive the emotiation directly.  Those who are not in the room are swayed by the fact that the media (who are also people) condition their stories to cast Bill in the most positive light.

Hillary is the Yin to Bill's Yang.  Bill could be 100% warmth and graciousness because he had his own, private Tonya Harding bludgeoning the knees of those who did not get the message.  That is how Clinton, Inc. worked.

We become the person we act.  Our values shift to be in alignment with our actions.  It is possible that Hillary did not enter adulthood with that kind of baggage.  But she has it now.  Her "game-face" is frozen into a grimace that scares the wag out of puppy-dog tails

Hillary is an edgy, calculating, hard-ass, liberated, political Tonya Harding and the media hates her more than they hated Richard Nixon.  If she gets the nomination it will be due to smoke-filled, backroom deals and the media will bury the Democratic party.

Time will tell.


  1. Dead on, and don't forget their penchant for making people they don't like 'disappear' permanently...

  2. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.

    We will truly be in deep poop if Clinton, Inc. gets back into office.


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