Thursday, July 24, 2014

Solar Loading and Street Life

Belladonna's bed room is in the corner of the house farthest from HVAC unit.  She is turning into the standard, teenage vampire.  She likes to sleep late.   She loathes the morning sun.

I have little patience and understanding of most aesthetic issues.  I count on Mrs ERJ to keep me out of the ditch.  She is gentle and has no intention of turning me into a fop.  She is my go-to person.

Belladonna actually asked for foam panels to be put over her windows.  She will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  I consulted with Mrs ERJ and she suggested a few things.

I did not want to completely shut Belladonna off from all circadian rhythms so I left one of the three panes partially open.


Mrs ERJ and I have been walking daily.  We walk around the block.  It is not a full "country" block, that is, it is not a mile on a side.  Nope.  It is a half section, so our walk is only three miles.  We don't make any particular effort to walk at exactly the same time but I think we are pretty regular.  We see the same gentleman slowly driving his 1985 Buick.  We see the mail man working his way down the back-stretch.

And lately we have been seeing a runner.  The first few times we saw him he was wearing ear buds and very into his running.  Lately, we have been having a conversation.

My conversation with the runner has been in 10 second segments, one segment a day.

-He is in his late thirties.
-He used to "fight" when he was in his twenties.
-He runs 5.1 miles most days
-He does not want to become a decrepit, old man.
-He still wants to retain some physical ability, even when he is, 55 (Ouch!)

I got his cell phone number because I have been lacking motivation to do much running.  I don't think it will work out because he is running 8:45 minute miles and I chug along at 10 minute miles.  Still, it would be pleasant to show him that 55 does not always mean decrepit, even if it takes me 7 minutes longer to run five miles.

Long Run

My recent runs have been the same three miles we have been walking.  I decided I needed to get in a few long runs before I try to tag along with the young pup.

Today was a beautiful day for running.  I did all the things I need to do before a run.  I even cheated and spotted a few bottles of electrolyte on the path.  Frankly, I did not do very well.  I am carrying about forty more pounds than is optimum.

I only ran eight of the nine miles.

One upside is that I got to meet some neighbors.

I was allowed to pet the pooches after I assured them I spoke "dog".   I let the horse check me out.  I think I turned him into a buddy-for-life after I fed him a Black Cherry Cliff Bar from my fanny pack.

I did not catch their names but they identified the stretch of road that they lived on.

I love living out in the sticks where folks who live 3 miles away are still neighbors.

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