Friday, July 25, 2014

Designated Decoy: Part II

Link back to Designated Decoy: Part I because it makes more sense to read them in order.

I gave some consideration regarding the publication of the first part of this essay.  Some might say that it is foolhardy to give "the bad guys" a play book.  Some would also predict blow-back from security types.

But consider: "The bad guys" already know this stuff.  Even the dumbest jihadist with an RPG knows that dumping a round into a swimming pool will collapse the lung of every swimmer who is more than half in the water.  How do you defend an open swimming pool that is exposed to many positions at higher elevation?  You cannot.  The only viable defense is to fully enclose it.  And even then it is only two mortar rounds away from carnage.

That makes for a memorable pool party!

Every coach knows that a team's play on game-day can be predicted by the attitude shown in practice the week before.  A team that screws off in practice all week long does not magically transform on game-day.  Their play will be sloppy, lackadaisical and distracted. They get their backsides waxed.

So, a Border Patrol that cannot stop a Central American peasant lugging 40 pounds of drugs across the Sonoran desert will not be able to stop a Middle Eastern peasant lugging 40 pounds of munitions, either at the border or climbing up the south flank of Mount Crumpet.

Give Love a Chance

W.C. Fields once remarked that he always kept a flask of whiskey handy in case of snake bite.  And, never one to leave important matters to chance, he also kept a snake.

The Obama crowd has been quoted as saying, "Never let a crisis go to waste."   Do you have any doubts regarding the second part of that quote?  If the Obama family moves into that death trap then you can be sure that he is being sized up for the position of sacrificial martyr.

Life imitates art?

It is ironic that the property in question used to be owned by Joseph Wambaugh.  One of Mr. Wambaugh's novels is titled "Fugitive Nights".  It is a story of a hit man who crosses the border.  He relentlessly pursues his target.  The climax of the story is when the hit man executes the target in an exclusive, gated community near Palm Springs.

The hit man's motives?  Revenge for the casual killing of one of the hit man's associates.

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