Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vaya con Dios

Well, it is a sad-sweet day.  My oldest child is off to Baton Rouge to her new job/career.

Mrs ERJ went with her.  They took two vehicles filled with tubs, clothes, a mattress and the odds-and-ends needed to survive until the first pay check and the next cargo drop from home.

I am holding down the fort with the two young-uns.  We will be eating pizza, fried chicken, potato salad, sweet corn and tums.

We send her, a solid Christian, a great planner and filled with energy and optimism.  I hope the lads in Louisiana treat her as one of their own.

If you run into a gal that looks like this, invite her to a glass of sweet tea and some craw-dads.  Tell her Joe sent you.

Oldest daughter holding "Milk Snake", Remington 870 20 gauge.


  1. She'll be fine, lots of young folks in Baton Rouge. She'll learn to wear purple and gold, and she's getting there just in time to settle in before football season.

    She's also getting here just in time for hurricane season. If you want, email me and I'll give you my address if she needs to bug out. Not that she'll need to, most hurricanes are piddling when they get to Baton Rouge. Generally, just hunkering down is enough.

    1. Yup. Already looked that over. She is living and working near the intersection of US 12 and US 10. I think her best Get out of Dodge plan is to avoid bridges. That means east on US 12 and then north on US 55 which would take her up into Mississippi.

      I know my daughter and she is likely to try to squeeze in one or two more things before blowing the pop-stand. That will limit her options.

      I would love to see a topo map of Baton Rouge and get a feel for elevation.

  2. She's working near the 10-12 split? That's gonna turn into a parking lot. Her best bet is small, two lane roads headed north. Tell her to plot a route on LA 61 toward Natchez, MS.


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