Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mr Green Jeans is back on the road

Some days don't go quite as planned.

I was going to pick a load of Grade A horse manure yesterday when loud rattles started coming from underneath my '97 pickup truck.  A quick inspection revealed that the rear fuel tank strap had detached on one side, spun around the remaining bolt and was being hit by the Universal joint just forward of the differential.  Driving around with just one strap holding your fuel tank is fool hardy.  So both I and the truck were grounded until further notice.

I called Mr Ed Hall, worlds greatest coffee drinker, story teller and shade tree mechanic.  He agreed to come over between 10 and noon and "take a look." 

I mowed the lawn south of the house while waiting for him.  I use a push mower and that portion of the lawn requires about 6000 feet of pushing.

Ed came over an had me scoot the truck around to the concrete apron in front of the garage and to get it WAY up on jackstands.  Then he started "looking".

I trimmed up an apple tree by the dog run so they can see the driveway better.

Mostly I ran and fetched tools and told lies while Ed "looked".

Two hours later the old green pickup truck was good-to-go.  This is the third time Ed has "looked" it back to life.  He left before I could pay him for the parts but I was quick enough to put a brick of something precious on his dashboard.

My truck is getting pretty tired and it will probably be reserved for farm work and short, local hops.  Against my better judgement, I think this truck earned a name.  Henceforth, he will be Mr Green Jeans.

Below is a picture with our first load of poop for the day:
You can see he is squatted down pretty good in back.  The bumper hitch is 6 inches from the ground.  It is normally 12 inches above the ground.
The lady who is graciously supplying me with poop has a horse for sale.  Since one hand washes the other, I offered to put a couple of pictures on my blog.

Left side of gelding for sale (517) 663-6369.  Ask for Kim

Right side of gelding

Pole bean update:

Pole bean climbing up support 24 hours after support was put in place. 

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