Sunday, July 21, 2013

Contentment on a Sunday

Today started out a lazy Sunday.

We went to Mass on Saturday night and were able to sleep in.

My sweetheart and I went for a walk.  Our standard walk is three miles.  The last two weeks have been brutally hot by Michigan standards so I FAILED on PT and need to get back into the routine.  The temperature was a perfect 72 degrees F and walking was a joy.

I talked her into taking a picture of the Eaton Rapids Joe corn planting for the archive.  I would do this myself but I just cannot run fast enough.
Some of the corn is starting to show a little bit of tassel.  This planting is far less uniform in appearance than the commercial fields around here.  I think it is due to leaching of Nitrogen fertilizer and the diversity in the corn seed I planted.
Just around the corner from us is a house that appears to no longer be inhabited.  The owners had been very proud of their lawn.  It is now a riot of chicory and red clover.  I think I like the flowers better.

After coming home I moved an old entertainment center out of the basement over to the campfire ring.  Mrs ERJ also asked me to put up three curtain rods.

Perhaps not a notable day, but one replete with contentment.

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