Saturday, July 13, 2013

Duck Dynasty, Big Bang and Heartland.

You might get the impression that people who have taken up blogging have a direct line to God's wikipedia and know everything.  Part of it is due to the writing style.  Passive voice does not get it when blogging.

Well, gentle readers, there are some huge gaps in my own personal wikipedia.

During the summer the ERJ family runs through multiple seasons of shows that get recommended to us.  We are almost Amish with regard to TV.  Some people have a TV in EVERY room of the house and have a TV on their wrist so they won't miss a second of their show while they use the remote to change the channel.  We have one TV and no antenna.

My kids believe that I am guilty of child cruelty since that cannot discuss the previous night's programming at the school lunch table.  Maybe I am cruel.  Maybe I have different priorities.

We try to fill the cultural gap during the summer when time can start to weigh heavily on idle hands.  So far this summer we studied Duck Dynasty with the intensity Central European anthropologists.  I never knew
DD existed and can now recognize the various cardboard cut-outs and Tee shirts at Yea-Old-Big-Box store.

We also watched Big Bang Theory after it was mentioned several times.  BBT takes a normal, well balanced human being and splits him/her into Emotions (Penny), Intellect (Sheldon), Wise-mind (Leonard), Libedo (Howard) and so on.  It provides a way of communicating with our kids.

Heartland is the current series we are chewing our way through.

My question is:  Summer is about half over and I want three or four more suggestions.  Can the readers of this blog help me out via the Comments section?  Tell me the TV show.  Why you think it will grow healthier human beings if we watch it.  Why it is a crucial part of the cultural IQ.  Any seasons that are must-watch or don't-bother.

I am really looking forward to any suggestions that come my way.


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