Sunday, July 28, 2013

Surviving Bachelorhood, Day 3

Not much to report.

Mrs ERJ is still in Baton Rouge.

I lovingly prepared a well balanced meal last night.  The skewered meat in the top of the picture always reminds me of the swamprat kabobs that Shrek prepared for Princess Fiona.

I went to Mass with my parents and several of my siblings this morning.  The Mass was offered in memory of my niece, Sarah.  Afterward we had coffee and donuts (the eight sacrament?) in the parish hall.  My dad, my brother and my son were all seated on one side of the table and they all share a first name, middle initial and last name.

My youngest daughter is hanging out with her best friend.

My youngest son is at a church picnic with his Godparents.  He stayed in town to hang out with them.  They have cable.

He is plowing through the TV show Psychic.  We have another two seasons to go at eleven hours per season.

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