Monday, July 15, 2013

Score! Lakewood fan

Monday is trash day in my neck of the woods.

We were walking around the block (three miles) early this morning.  We were unsuccessfully trying to beat the heat.  A couple of neighbor dogs busted out of the front door to scold the three dogs we were walking.  The lady of the house called them back in.  I took the opportunity to ask if she minded if I tried to "salvage" the fan they were tossing.

She said it did not work but I was welcome to try.  I moved it from beside the trash container and stashed it in the tall grass while we finished our walk.

After our walk, I picked up and carried it back home.  It ran in "High" but just hummed on the other two speeds without the blades turning.

D-C-L-R (Disassemble, Clean, Lube, Reassemble) worked like a champ.  I went through about half a bottle of window cleaner, 20 paper towels and added about 3ml of Travelers Red Trailer grease.  I like trailer grease for general applications.  The picture in my head is that trailers often get left in the weather, get backed into lakes, dragged through slop, slush and salt.  Trailer grease has to be tough.

The fan is up and running so I have a few minutes to see what I got.  Pictures of actual unit followed by links on the internet.

Front of fan.  Rubber bushing mounts to tubular frame.

Back of fan.  I never had a fan that had both "Speed" and "Thermostat" controls.

Link.  Here is a picture of a used Lakewood fan.  It only has controls for speed.  $99!
Major score!  Not bad for carrying the fan for 250 yards and a little bit of trailer and elbow grease.

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