Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Redneck Fabulous camo, continued

After drying for 24 hours, the mesh was applied.  Incidentally, I have never met a mean or belittling person in Jo Ann's Fabrics.  They are all "doing" kinds of people.

Those little do-dads along the bottom are wire twist ties.  In retrospect, I should have used more of them.  Or I would have sprayed one side of the mesh with craft adhesive and slicked the mesh out to the stock.
Then a template was prepared.

Never trust a country boy with clean finger nails.  He is not a "doing" person.
Spots were numbered to keep them in order.  The picture in my head was to shave 3/8" (9mm) off each spot for the final, black spray.
Cut template.
When I do this again I will trace the outline of the firearm on my template before I lay out the pattern.  As you can see from the picture below, the patches on the forearm do not 'flow' with the patches on the buttstock and receiver.  Material for the template was a brown paper bag.
I got a little preoccupied and forgot to take pictures.  There will be some manual touch-up with an artist brush and a pot of paint.

Just a reminder of what Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum looks like

Colors were applied in about 30 minutes intervals and are:
  • Second coat after khaki, Majic Bark Gray,  Part number 8-20853
  • Third coat, Rust-Oleum flat brown, Part number 214085
  • Fourth coat, Rust-Oleum flat black, Part number 7776
Final coat will be Satin Clear Coat after it has about 48 hours in the solar Paint Bake Oven.

You cannot beat a parked car for dehydrating things.  Just don't park in down-town Eaton Rapids on July 4th with this in the passenger seat.  Hint, 2 doors tend to have more glass area and better solar heating characteristics for this usage.
Eatonrapidsjoe was able to get a line on some genuine Louisiana talent to test out this fire-arm on the world famous Eatonrapidsjoe Home Invasion shooting course.  We will see if we can talk Christina into running the course and seeing if the Remington Redneck Fabulous Express meets her approval.

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