Sunday, July 14, 2013


Like many newly retired, I was recently diagnosed with KMAS.

For those who do not recognize the acronym and are busily thumbing through their copy of the DSM IV I will help you out.

Kiss My Anatomy Syndrome.

I am fighting it.

I asked the beautiful, talented and brilliant Mrs ERJ how she wanted me to groom my beard.

Options include

Ten Day Scruff

Three Day Scruff
Clean shaven.  Picture not available.

Full Duck Dynasty.  Picture not available.

My wife said that I shaved every day for the last 32 years and it was my decision.  She also said that she did not find me too repulsive, yet.  My oldest daughter is clearly in the camp of either clean shaven or Thee Day Scruff.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Who said retirement was going to be easy?

It is easy to see how a retired fellow can slip into KMAS.

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