Friday, July 5, 2013

Pole beans

Pole beans have fallen out of favor as garden plants.  Most gardeners don't have want to mess around with putting up a structure to support pole beans.  But nothing yields as well as pole beans and picking them can be a joy, especially the purple ones.  You do not have to bend over and they are easy to see.  And in general, they can become much larger than bush beans before they become fiberous, so they pick fast.

There is an old saying:  The fastest way to find an easy way to do something is to give the job to a lazy person and see how they go about it.

I am that lazy person.

Before.  This row was soaked with a hose after this picture to make supports easy to push into ground.

Materials.  Gray Dogwood trimmings, baling twine, loppers to sharpen ends.   Not shown, three T posts and 60 feet of 14 gauge "electric fence" wire.

Close up.  One support per plant.  The trimmings pushed in about 8 inches.

Looking down the row.  Tee post and hose visible.

Putting an extra large Dogwood cutting on the end allows the end plant(s) to collect sun that would otherwise fall on a path.  Some of the trimmings were stabilized by tying them to the wire with the baling twine.

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