Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting organized

Nothing turns a 20 minute job into a 6 hour job like not being able to find what you need. 

This tool box has white duct tape all around it.  It has "GRAFTING" written on all four sides.

My preferred  scenario involved different colored duct tape for each application but that quickly exceeded budget.

The box holds 2" X 250' of Parafilm M.  Two new Stanley Utility knives.  Size 33 rubber bands.  3/4 inch masking tape.  Aluminum foil.

I have two more tool boxes.  I just need to decide what to put in them.

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  1. I learned that trick from my grand-daddy. He had boxes marked for specialty jobs. One marked PLUMBING with basin wrenches, pipe cutters, solder, washers, all the stuff you'd need for a plumbing job. One box marked ELECTRICAL with wire cutters, strippers, wire nuts, that sort of thing.

    When he died and we were going through his shop, we found one box marked FORD. We started looking at the tools and couldn't figure out what they were, so we got an appraiser to come over. That box held a complete #1 Common set, complete with body tools for working on the Model T. The appraiser valued at set alone at something over $3,000.00.


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