Monday, July 22, 2013

Senior Class Pictures

I wonder if I can get my youngest daughter to have a picture taken like this:

Great example of a country gal


  1. I have a picture of Brigid Jr, wearing a tube top and jean shorts, red hair down to her behind, shooting an AR. She made me promise not to post it so not to be a poster child for most of Arkansas. She's a college grad, and a fine shooter, so I'm naturally proud.

  2. Thank-you for reading.

    You are one of my role models for blogging. I enjoy your writing. Most of your posts are deeply layered tapestries where the gold threads keep popping up and disappearing....and then, BOOM, right at the end the reader sees the pattern. My life is currently too ADHD for me to hope to write like that.

    I bet Brigid Jr is an absolute knock-out. I understand about not posting pictures of children. They deserve their own lives, their own successes and their own failings. They do not need the additional burden of being saddled with ours.

    Many of the items that define competence are transferable. So I am not surprised that she is a college grad and a fine shooter. I bet she is also a fine human being.

    Please keep writing.



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