Friday, July 19, 2013

Life can be - - - - - Complicated

Today should have been a perfect day.

My wife and I took our youngest son and one of his buddies to Duck Lake State Park.  Duck Lake is a sandy bottom lake that drains into Lake Michigan via a channel.  The channel is warm and Lake Michigan is typically cold enough to crack the enamel on your toenails.

But today, Lake Michigan was +75 degrees F.  There was a cool front blowing in from Wisconsin so the surf was up.

I did a little swimming.  Did a little botanizing.  Roasted some hot dogs

Beach Pea

Picture showing how deeply that thin, thready dune grass sends down it roots to stabilize the sand and to extract nutrients.  Exposed face is approximately 7 feet tall.
A picture of our charcoal about 10 minutes before I put the tube steaks on to cook.
Adult food.  Gazpacho and garlic toast.

On the way back to Eaton Rapids I had words with my daughter.  Her dog looks like this today

She did not join us at the beach because she was watching after him.

She was at a friend's house and not at home when it started raining.  She called us to ask us if we were almost home and to ask us if we could we get him out of the rain.

I did not take it well.  I said unkind things that I now regret.  She did come home and take care of him, but then went back to her friend's house.

And now I am waiting for her to come home so I can properly apologize and we can figure out how to avoid this kind of tension in the future.

If I were trying to be funny I would attribute my resentment to the fact that my daughter's dog can probably pull in more TV channels with its collar than I can with my dish.

The closest I can come to a TV dish.

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  1. My youngest daughter and I are OK again. We talked. I apologized. She accepted.


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