Thursday, July 4, 2013

Small Town Fourth of July Parade

Many people are pretty remote from small town culture.  These are a few pictures taken from our small town's July 4th parade to give you a sense of the flavor and texture.


Mid town


Downtown from the other side of the street

Kids and dogs

German Shepherds

VERY cute kids.  "Popsicle" made them smile.

More dogs
High school band
Amazing Grace

Old cars

442.  They made these when I was a Safety Patrol

Luaun gives some people a woody
Old iron

Chevys hanging out together

Mom had one like this.

Parked on a side street.  Some of these cars only see sunlight one day a year.....and that is today.

This over heated before the parade so it was parked.  I guess it only goes a 1/4 mile.

The secret.....lots of mascara (look at the headlights)

Yup.  There were a bunch of them.  Wet spots were from Fire Department demonstrations, not horses.

This is what it sounded like

Some really old iron

They made a boat load of Oldsmobiles up the road in Lansing.


Battle Creek contingent.  These guys have fun.  Look at the smiles.

One of the Hurd boys

T.J. Hurd filling in for his older brother Charlie.  Charlie died this year.  Everybody who knew the back-story was deeply touched.  Being a small town, pretty much everybody knew the back-story.


All Creatures Great and Small

Dog in

Dog out.

Little horses

Big horses.  I have had the joy of shoveling poop with both of these lovely ladies


Too hot?  Get hosed.  This man was popular.
Countless young ladies just a stylin'  These ladies were handing out fitness literature.
Some small towns still have public water fountains.

Tractors beyond number

A Cockshutt tractor

Eaton Rapids has good soil for vegetables, so you see many specialty tractors in the parade.

Another vege tractor

Rear view

And another
Young ones with their toys

This proud man sums up a small town parade:

I may be old. None of my things are new or fancy.  But I am proud to put two American flags on what I have and drive it right down the center of Main Street.......and to storm the gates of Hell with it if need be.

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