Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A "Liberal education" should calibrate the graduate's bullshit indicator

Bellatrix LeStrange and the perpetual emotion machine.
Some would justify the teaching of political doctrine within public schools on the basis of "We are teaching students how to learn. It does not matter what we teach them as long as they learn."

They might also point to the half-life of knowledge. The half-life of a "fact" in the field of psychology, for instance, is shorter than the time it takes the average student to matriculate with a Bachelor's degree. Why worry about the 'facts' students are being taught when the facts are as ephemeral as the flowers of spring?

The problem with teaching an ever changing kaleidoscope of 'facts' is that the student never has a coherent or pure-tone to serve as contrast to the dissonance of bullshit.

When every 'fact' is dissonant and syncopation occurs so frequently as to step upon each other...the graduate is doomed to never hear the sour note, the clunk or squawk.

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