Saturday, April 27, 2019

Some pictures from around the place

Day lilies do well under Black Locusts. The can form a solid mat. They are considered edible with the unopened flower buds looking like green beans.

Clover seedlings in a cow pat

Apple seedlings in a cow pat

Birch seedlings are coming up. These are the River Birch. The Sweet Birch are smaller. I intend to plant a couple of birch trees every time I take out a Box Elder.

Garlic. I harvested the tiny bulblets from the scape and broadcast across the top of a tub with soil in it. This is a porcelain type garlic.
Flowers starting to push on Krymsk #1 rootstock. This is a plum rootstock from Russia. There were a couple of bees working the flowers even though the temp is 64 and 15mph winds.

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