Saturday, April 13, 2019

Great day to work outside. Light posting

My standard "armor" for planting trees is to stake them and to put a 10" diameter, 48" tall cage around them. The cage is made from 2"-by-4" welded wire fence.

The fence wire is typically galvanized.

I want to extend the life of the fence so I can reuse it. I also want to increase the visibility so yahoos riding dirt bikes don't decapitate themselves on the support wire.

So I painted the fencing white.

The reason you are getting an odd angle is because every other angle had junk in the background. That is one of today's tasks.


  1. ERJ, A couple questions:

    Do you get a lot of yahoos riding motorized vehicles across your property?

    Doesn't the tree grow through the fencing, which would then (sometime in the future) require cutting the fence off the tree?

    1. This is for the project at Salamaner's farm. Nobody lives there. We have lost trees to dirt bikers.

      The plan is to have the first branches at four feet. Yes, I have failed at that in the past. It is a balancing of risks, near certain death by deer and rabbits or possible inconvenience later.

      For reasons I do not understand, the fence also keeps out rabbits which I assume could easily squeeze through the mesh.


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