Monday, April 1, 2019

A day with several, small moving parts

Belladonna and Kubota recently had birthdays.

Our gift to Kubota is to purchase unlimited data for his phone. Hither-to-fore he has not been mature enough for the privilege. When he was making the case for getting unlimited data he said that he often had to drive places for work. When he ran out of data, he had to run into a McDonalds, pretend to use the bathroom and pull directions off their WIFI. I am a sucker for arguments that pose the desired item or privilege as a tool.

The nice lady at the Verizon store informed me that two of our phones were going to stop working January 1, 2020 when Verizon turned off 3G. It is going to be difficult to say good-bye to the old flip phone but I might have to get a smart phone.

The thing that tipped me was Proud Hillbilly writing that she monitored her wireless security cameras with her phone. She can scope out the cameras while parked on the street to see if there are goblins skulking about. Or, hearing a noise at night she can flip through the cameras and see if Joe Biden is lurking outside her bedroom door.

I am going to miss having 18 days of stand-by battery life.

Salamander's orchard
The Skunk Cabbage is up.

I had several tasks lined up. I marked the Cherrybark Oak that Kubota and I planted with surveyor's tape.

I threw some fertilizer and red clover seed on the ground in some sunny spots.

I cut eight, 8' Black Locust posts, augered the holes and sunk the posts. These are the end posts for the four rows of apple trees I am planting in the orchard. My plan is to cut and sink another eight poles and then fill in the rest with T posts. Run a wire at 4' and put 2"-by-4" welded wire fencing around each tree.

It has been my experience that planting fruit trees without armoring them is a waste of money, time and emotion.

Caro Rich tomato.
Tomato seeds are coming up. Hastay's greenhouse in town does a great job with seedlings for the garden. He will take your seeds and custom plant them and sell them to you for EXACTLY the same price as the commodity flats.

I am a dinosaur. I like to keep my skills up. I will buy most of my plants from Roger Hastay but I am doing one set of seeds on my own.

Mrs ERJ gave me the go-ahead to put some temporary shelves up in the kid's bathroom. That window has our best sunlight.


  1. I hold onto my Samsung s5 because I can swap the battery with the spare in my pocket.

    1. I was reading reviews on the S5. The reviewers panned it because it was not as intensively "designed" and not as big a step up from the S4...

      And then they admitted that they liked it because it was very durable, the back was not slippery and it stayed put on near-horizontal surfaces and it was fast enough, big enough.....

      It was almost like a gourmet admitting he liked mashed potatoes.

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