Monday, April 22, 2019


Many observers noted that one of the major factors resulting in people of European ancestry being able to wrestle the Western Hemisphere from the native peoples was that Europeans grasped the concept of a "campaign" while the native peoples were focused on the "battle".

Kubota helped me in Salamander's orchard today. Mrs ERJ does not want me up on a ladder using a chainsaw unless there is somebody "spotting" me. If things go in-the-ditch she wants somebody there to staunch the bleeding and to call 9-1-1. If things go REALLY in the ditch she wants them there to call the Life Insurance company.

The thing that I needed to explain to Kubota was that the tasks that seemed random and not-related were in fact part of a larger campaign.

That is the thing about campaigns. They can absorb lessons-learned and apply them to current and future efforts.

Gardeners, orchardist, musicians and computer programmers are inherently attuned to 'campaigns'.

Time-clock punchers, can-kickers, people who focus on the primacy of feelings and legalists are not.

The disciples of Saul Alinsky are kicking our backside. Alinsky's rules are rules to run a campaign.

Allowing Alinsky to write the rules is to be trapped into the 'battle' mentality. We might learn, as individuals, to dance the Politically Correct dance but we will lose the campaign.

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