Sunday, April 14, 2019

Belladonna report

I try to let my kids live their own lives. Life is tough enough without bragging dad complicating things.


As reported in the past, Belladonna enjoys contests where anachronistic displays of strength and coordination are tested. That is what college is for, to try different things.

Belladonna went out-of-state to a dwarf tossing contest this weekend. She got second place with a toss of 48.72 inches.

Then she decided to toss a ham. The ham is a standard, bone-in ham and the end is greased. Hams are cheap before Easter. I think the people who organize these events realize that OSHA will eventually regulate the working conditions of the dwarfs and the sponsors of the contest are investigating alternatives.

As a side note: It has been my experience that if the dwarves are sufficiently lubricated, internally with ethanol, that few injuries occur.

Bella got fourth place in the ham toss with a distance of 52.35 inches.

Belladonna: You rock!


  1. Snerk... At least she's having fun! :-D

  2. That must have been a very slippery ham or a very large one. Only four inches further than the dwarf?


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