Friday, April 26, 2019

Posting will be light tomorrow

Mrs ERJ and I will be traveling to Columbus, Ohio to watch Belladonna compete in a contest of strength and speed, technique and control.

In other news, three swallows were seen on the electrical wire along a neighbor's driveway. I am not smart enough to know if they are tree swallows or barn swallows. My guess is barn swallows because I think the tree swallows are among the last of the birds to arrive here.

Swallows catch and eat flying insects. Mid-spring has a few flying bugs but nothing like later. Things must be pretty sparse down south if they are up here already.

The truck is red-tagged for a blown brake line.

Kubota approached me last night and I knew we were in for stress as he shifted his weight from foot-to-foot and started out in his BS-and-Bluster voice.

That voice is an amped up version of a man-about-town confiding to another man-about-town.

"Dad, I need the truck tomorrow. I promised my girl-friend I was taking her to lunch." Kubota said.

"No can do. The truck is not safe to drive. You will have to find another way." I said.

The conversation went downhill from there.

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