Thursday, April 25, 2019

Spring marches onward

This is a mom-and-dad day.

Mrs ERJ was not impressed with the solitary bees hatching out of the wood pile.

The face shown in the photos is warmed by the western sun. Mrs ERJ was trying to unload groceries and the bees decided she smelled nice. I don't think they sting but Mrs ERJ found them annoying.

The apricots are just starting to bloom. They will be bee magnets for a while, just like the pussy willows were before them.

I picked up some shallow fruit boxes at the local grocery store and filled them with potting soil. I started Mrs ERJ's romaine and leaf lettuce. I also started the cut-and-come again broccoli.  I am also trying a fragrant, weedy, medicinal plant called Sweet Annie.

The seeds were tiny. Five-hundred seeds were like a pinch of dust. My success rate with seeds is proportional to size. I hold little hope that I will get these to grow, although the fact that they are a "weed" gives me hope.

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