Saturday, April 6, 2019

Requesting help from technical experts

So far I have been leaning heavily on Old NFO for technical/military matters.

He has done a yeoman's job but it does not seem fair to stick him with work he is not paid for. Especially since the next few bits are likely to have many issues with accuracy.

I am looking for somebody with boots-on-the-ground experience with small squad, infantry/Marine tactics. Experience in cold weather operations and physical conditioning are a bonus.

You can edit it as aggressively as you want. Just read it for enjoyment and mark the stuff that sticks in your throat or go full sixth-grade-english teacher. What I really need is somebody to call "BULLSHIT" before it goes in front of the wider audience.

For your troubles, you will get advance previews of coming attractions. I must warn you that you are likely to get them in the order written and not how they will flow as a story.

If interested drop me an email at

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  1. Go ahead, throw me under the bus... LOL I DO know cold weather ops... Adak, Thule, and other points 'far' north... :-)


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