Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekly Garden Update

Posted here for your enjoyment.

Road garden.  Curved rows are evidence that the universe is still expanding.  Honest!

The House garden.
House garden.  In the corner closest to the kitchen.  These are seedlings of Happy Rich cut-and-come-again broccoli.  The ground is saturated.  It is too wet to walk on.  It will be three days before it is dry enough to rototill.
Grape tomatoes in the kitchen corner.

The New garden.  Corn is already more than knee high.  Sky not cropped out so you can see the degree of overcast.

New garden, pole beans, Brussels Sprouts, cabbage section.  Note:  Auto color correct used to make green pop out.

Pole bean seedlings popping up.
A random 60 square inches of dirt showing weeds germinating up.

Grinder base update

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