Wednesday, June 17, 2015

McKinney, Texas

People who rely solely on the main stream media for their world-view are idiots.

Word continues to seep out that a vast amount of "context" was left on the cutting room floor in the McKinney, Texas story of the party that got out of hand.  It was worse than a stale punchline from an Adam Sandler movie.

A ditzy teen decided to have a public party in her Home Owners Association commons area.  She invited a few thousand of her most intimate friends.  So did her mom.  And so did the Disk Jockey they retained to provide music.  Multiple assaults and significant property damage occurred.  Cops arrived and took control of the situation.

A four second snip showed up on the news.   Headline: "Police Brutality in Texas".  A headmaster in Florida was fired when he commented, "We should not judge because we probably don't know the whole story."  You cannot make this stuff up.

Newton's laws

Actions cause reactions of equal magnitude.

This will change the way that law enforcement officials respond to "social situations" particularly when they know the media will be involved.

For example, suppose a flash mob invaded a media outlet.  The only rational response by the local law enforcement officials will have a meeting.

During that meeting, all rules-of-engagement shall be reviewed as well as every bit of departmental policy.  Every paragraph, every sentence, every clause and punctuation mark.  Not only that, but a test must be given after the review to document that learning occurred. .  Then, the tests shall be scored before any police are activated.  Only those officers who demonstrated mastery (+95%) shall be allowed to leave the police station.

Officers who fail the test shall be re-instructed and retested.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

But wait one minute; those officers who demonstrate mastery cannot leave the building until after Management completes and files an "Under-force Risk Assessment and Impact Statement" and only if the authors reach the conclusion that the deployment of an under-force contingent does not create a risk (99% certainty, show your math) to themselves or to the participants of the unrest they are responding to.

Also, prior to leaving the station the body video camera of all officers shall be validated for both video and audio quality.  That not only includes capturing imagery and sound but also entails three independent judges agreeing that the results will be admissible in court regardless of light conditions and speed of panning.

Law enforcement officials exist to protect and serve.  It is clear that management has been negligent in delivering policy to the boots-on-the-ground.  That must be rectified.  Media sent the message.  Agencies have no choice.

Except for the choice of the color of the body bags to bring to the smoldering ruins of the media station.

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