Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Roof Leaks

24 hour accumulation.  Eaton Rapids just southwest of Lansing.  We got about 3.5 inches.
This showed up in the Master Bedroom.
The only thing I found close to the center of the leak was an exposed nail head.  It is approximately 40mm above the pivot of the pocket knife.
Close-up of the exposed nail head.  It does not look like much but there is about 30 feet of roof expanse uphill of the nail.
A little bit of roofing cement.  The bottom of a beverage can.  The key is to really butter the cement into the pebbling of the roof on the up-hill side of the leak.
Almost like living in an Airstream trailer.
I inspected the attic and found another water leak at the bathroom vent pipe outlet.  I slathered a bunch of goop on this as well.

A job well done merits a nap.  Sadly, not everybody in Eaton Rapids shows the proper respect to the lord and master of the manor.  NO further comment shall be made regarding this unfortunate breach of propriety.


  1. If you're getting nail heads, you might want to replace that shingle. If you get up there and see other damage, it's time to replace all those shingles. Good luck with that. I roofed for several summers in college and I don't even like to think about it. Last time my house needed shingles, I had a local contractor come out and install a steel roof. That was eight years ago, and my warranty runs for another 42 years. I doubt I'll be around when it expires.

  2. My next roof will be a steel roof. My house was re-roofed in 2001. I hope the roof lasts until 2020.

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