Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Making a base for a grinder

I have a grinder that I rarely use.  It is an ill balanced beast that wants to shake tables to pieces.

One way to tame vibration is with mass.  So the picture in my head was to mount some studs in a fifty pound concrete base and then mount the base atop a cinder block pedestal.

Most of the makings:  A deep lasagna pan, 5/16" X 3" bolts with assorted matching hardware, the grinder and some scrap wood.
Double check the bolt size.  Yup, 5/16" fits but with not much room to spare.  I anticipate that I will have to open up these holes with a chainsaw file before I am done.
A little bit of black spray paint to mark the location of the holes.
Wrapped with stretchy plastic wrap after drilling the holes.
This is what will be embedded in the concrete.   Note that the threads are protected by the wood and the stretchiness of the plastic film.
There is never a shortage of bits of wire or fencing to use as reinforcement in farm concrete projects.

Full!  And then some.
The bolts were "shimmied" after burying in the concrete to ensure the voids were flowed shut.  The second aluminum lasagna pan is used to level the wooden stud holder.
Now the hard part....not touching it until tomorrow.

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  1. You may have a dangerously unbalanced grinding wheel. Recommend you take off the wheels and see if the vibration is still present. The dynamic forces imposed by an out of balance condition can be huge, leading to disintegration of the wheel.


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